Augmented reality – warehouse management with WMS system

ExpertAR is an innovative on the international scale system designed for automating warehouse logistics management. The system is based on a network of handsfree devices such as terminals and AR glasses (augmented reality glasses). Automation of logistic processes is performed with the use of the augmented reality glasses, through which warehouse operators will be able to optimise their workflows, including such activities as receiving goods, moving the goods within the warehouses or dispatching them. The system has been equipped with a smart mechanism of internal geolocation, thanks to which information regarding the location of a specific order/goods is displayed on the AR glasses. ExpertAR allows the elimination of paper documentation in warehouse processes and also frees the hands of warehousemen. Using AR glasses considerably facilitates searching of goods in the warehouse and optimises warehouse activities thanks to a mechanism which selects the best route and finds a required product. Moreover, through event tracing solution the system is able to register deviations from scheduled processes, such as warehouse stockouts, incomplete deliveries, etc.